Decking Shed and Fence Paint Pad Treatment Timber Stain Applicator - REPLACEMENT PAD - Fits The Dustpan and Brush Store Decking & Fence Paint Applicator

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Product Code: 103106
Price Ex VAT: £3.16
Price Inc VAT: £3.79

A replacement pad for The Dustpan and Brush Store easy to use hand held applicator. Designed to efficiently apply paint or treatment to your decking or fence panels with a high quality finish.

✔ COMPATIBLE - Fits The Dustpan and Brush Store Decking and Fence Paint Applicator. No Need to Throw Away - Just Replace the Paint Applicator Pad
✔ BRILLIANT FINISH - Soft and Absorbent The Pad Soaks up The Paint or Treatment and Then Applies Evenly To The Shed or Fence
✔ EASY TO USE - Quickly and Easily Swap the Pad - Simply Press the Release Button on The Applicator and Slide the Old Pad Out and The New One In!
✔ SAVE MONEY - No Need To Keep Buying More Paint or More Brushes - Buy The Applicator and Use These Excellent Replacement Pads
✔ TRUSTED BRAND - The Dustpan and Brush Store is a UK Registered Brand - Products are Designed with The End User In Mind