Long Handled Cobweb Brush Angled Head Long Reach Extending Cobweb Broom

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Extendable Cobweb Brush with Angled Head

This angled cobweb brush is perfect for keeping your whole house clean and spider free.
With its specially designed angled head allows you to reach into any corner, small space and tricky shelf.
The bristles are strong yet highly flexible to prevent damage to surfaces.
The head can be easily washed in lukewarm soapy water for a clean dust every time.

The smooth metal handle can be extended to the desired height with a simple twist and fix position.
The blue coated metal allows an easy to wipe surface with a damp cloth or sponge.
The handle is finished off with a rounded plastic hanging eye for easy storage.

The overall cobweb brush is aprox 110cm long that can be extended up to 180cm plus the long reach of your arms; this creates a great distance for you to reach any high ceiling, shelf or window.
Not only is it great for reaching up high but allows you to clean skirting boards without having to bend or crawl on your hands and knees.

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