4 in 1 Grout and Tile Spray Cleaning Kit

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- Interchangeable Cleaning Spray Brush - The cleaning tool comes with 3 handy attachments. 1 x Brush which is perfect for grout and other gaps 1 x Sponge which is great for cleaning large areas 1 x Microfibre pad for that perfect finish.

- Perfect for Bathroom Cleaning - The bathroom cleaning brush is a great all-rounder. It can be used as a spray scrubbing brush which makes the tile cleaning brush perfect for your tiles and grout. While the bathroom cleaning sponge is a superb wall tile cleaner.

- Amazing Spray Cleaning Brush - No need to carry a spray bottle around with you. Simply fill the spray brush cleaner with your favorite cleaning products and pull the trigger to spray in front of the cleaning scrubber. You can then scrub and clean the area much more effectively.

- One of The Must-Have Cleaning Tools - The number of uses for this spray brush is yet to be found! With the 3 different attachments, you will have plenty of choice and cleaning power for your home.

- Replacement Attachment's Available - No need to throw the cleaning brush with spray feature away just because you have worn the cleaning pad out.