Deck Scrubs

Sometimes you really need to scrub a large area to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Instead of doing this on your hands and knees you need a deck broom or a deck scrubber with a long handle. Originally used on boats for scrubbing the decks these brushes where given the very original name "deck brush" and have changed very little over the years. 
We stock a wide range of deck scrubbing brushes with a variety of different bristles. The most common is bassine which is a natural fibre which provides a good stiff scrubbing action and thanks to the short bristles allow you to firmly press down and clean the floor. We now also stock plastic/synthetic bristle deck scrub brushes and wire bristle brooms which are perfect for those really big tasks.
Common uses for deck scrub brushes are scrubbing patio and garden paths, helping to remove moss and algae, cleaning decking and removing discolouring and green slime from the grooves, deep cleans of kitchens to remove grease from tiles and flooring.