Pure Natural Real Bristle High Quality Soft 12" Sweeping Broom Animal Hair Brush with Handle

  • £24.99

Item: 12" Pure Bristle Broom Complete with Shaft
Item Code: 100164
Price Exc VAT: £20.83
Price Inc VAT: £24.99
This broom head is a top of the range, quality brush. It has real bristles, which are very soft. The wooden stock is varnished.
The pure black bristles make this brush perfect for high quality flooring of all types.
The bristles are sealed into a quality wooden stock.
The very soft bristles stops bits flying off all over the surface.
Brush head: Length 30.5 cm, width 6.5 cm, Bristle legnth 5 cm.
Complete with 120 cm screw thread handle /Shaft