10" Pure Natural Bristle Bill Poster Paste Pasting Brush

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10" Bill Poster Brush

Wooden Head Stock 10" x 1.25"
Pre-drilled 3/4" hole in the back of the head stock for use with wooden handle / pole
100% pure natural bristle - NOT SYNTHETIC
3.5" finished bristle length

Superior quality 10" Bill Poster Brush with shaped timber beech head stock supplied complete with pre-drilled 3/4" hole in the back of the head stock. The hole is pre-drilled at an angle and all ready for the fitting of a handle with a second pre-drilled fixing hole for a securing screw.

The bristle is 100% pure natural bristle. The bristle starts out at a 4" length and with 1/4" fixed into the head stock with epoxy resin and 1/4" lost in trimming this brush provides a 3.5" bristle length out from the head stock.

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