13" Round Saddle Back Wooden Broom Head Stiff PVC Yard Brush Head

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A large strong broom head designed to last.
The wooden stock on this broom is curved and rounded - Hense the name saddle back.
It can be used with a wooden handle direct into the brush head or attached with a metal clamp.
The bristles are stiff but is easy to sweep with due to the length of them, which allows them to flex when pushed / swept with.

The weight of the brush head is approx 990grams and measures 13" wide.
The bristle length is 4" (10cm) Giving an overall height of 6" (16cm)

Colour of bristles may vary due to the demand of this brush head but the quality and spec will remain the same.

To buy the clamp for this product our code is 100348

To buy this brush complete with handle and clamp the code is 100374

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