Round Saddle Back 13" Wooden Broom Head Stiff PVC Yard Brush Head

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A large strong broom head designed to last.
The wooden stock on this broom is curved and rounded - Hense the name saddle back.
It can be used with a wooden handle direct into the brush head or attached with a metal clamp.
The bristles are stiff but is easy to sweep with due to the length of them, which allows them to flex when pushed / swept with.

Colour of bristles may vary due to the demand of this brush head but the quality and spec will remain the same.

Approximate Product Specifications:

Weight: 935grams

Product Width: 13" /33 cm
Product Depth: 3 1/4" / 8 cm
Product Height: 5 3/4" / 14.5 cm

Bristle Length: 4" / 10 cm

To be used with a 1 1/8" handle - product code: 102652

To buy the clamp for this product our code is 100348

To buy this brush complete with handle and clamp the code is 100374

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