Bentley Deluxe 8pc Equestrian Horse Grooming Brush Kit Boxed Set Mint & Navy

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Brand New Slip Not Deluxe Grooming Kit 
A stunning new horse grooming set from Bentley!

The complete kit in a convenient deluxe bag with pockets. 
Inside the waterproof grooming bag is 7 matching Bentley grooming brushes and accessories!
All tools feature ergonomically designed soft touch handles for a comfortable grip, finished in the selected colour.
This set is lightweight and practical as well as been comfortable and easy to use.
The set includes everything you need to keep your horse clean and looking its best.
Packaged in a handy box making it a excellent gift for anyone with a horse or pony.
Slip-Not Deluxe Box Set Includes:

Deluxe Grooming Bag with Waterproof Lining

Dandy Brush
Face / Hoof Brush
Curry Comb
Hoof Pick
Mane & Tail Brush
Body Brush
Sweat Scraper
Deluxe Bag

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