Blue & White Indoor Broom with 4pc Stainless Steel Handle

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  • Indoor Broom - Soft sweeping brush with a multi-section handle. The perfect kitchen house long-handled sweeping broom with soft bristle and an angled broom head allowing you to sweep easily without having to bend.
  • Soft Floor Brush - The broom head has the perfect bristle between soft and stiff making it the ideal indoor broom for wooden floor and other kitchen floor surfaces like laminate and tile.
  • Long Handle Broom - 4 Sections screw together and go into the angle broom head giving a complete soft bristle push broom for cleaning and sweeping your floor.
  • Compact Foldable Broom - This soft brush can be unscrewed and neatly compacts down into a very small size if needed (longest section 36cm) but once fully assembled it gives you a long handle which saves bending and helps your back! (assembled length 132cm) This also makes the broom not only suitable as an everyday item for your home but can be used as a camping broom.
  • Designed To Work - It may be just a brush but a lot of time and effort goes into making sure the item functions as it should and gives a good customer experience. That is why it has things like a hanging eye for storing - grips on the handle for comfy sweeping - flagged bristles to pick up every last bit of dust - rubberised edges as to not mark your skirting boards or furniture - Your perfect indoor broom in an attractive green and white finish.