Butchers Wire Brush

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  • Wire Brush for Butchers Block Chopping Board – Although this 23cm stiff brush can be used for general purpose cleaning, it is specifically designed for scrubbing a large wood chopping board. The size and stiffness of this metal bristle scrub brush is perfect for scraping contaminants and tough residue on wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards.
  • Steel Brush with Adjustable Stiffness – The steel wire brush has 4cm long metal bristles with a built-in wooden tab that can be slide up or down to adjust the desired scrubbing stiffness and abrasiveness.
  • Durable Wooden Scrubbing Brush with Plastic Handle – The butcher’s stiff bristle brush is made up of a hard-wearing wooden body that is not easy to rot. It also comes with a sturdy plastic handle that gives a secure grip for efficient scrubbing of wood chopping boards.
  • Heavy-Duty Butcher Block Brush for Commercial Use – This metal scrubbing brush with handle is made from high-quality materials only to ensure long-term use. The butcher’s washing up brush is constructed with compacted metal bristles and even trim for a consistent brushing action for a large wooden chopping board.
  • Trusted Brand – The Dustpan and Brush Store supply this butchers block brush for effective cleaning and scrubbing of your wooden chopping block, countertops and wooden surfaces.