Grey Long Handled Dustpan and Brush

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  • Long Handle Dustpan and Brush – No more back aches! The long sweeping broom and the tall dustpan are a perfect house cleaning set to make your life easier. The ideal height of the dust pan and brush will ease the strain of bending while cleaning the floorings. 
  • Upright Dustpan with a Rubber Lip – The dustpan comes with wide opening and  a rubber lip that makes good contact with any type of flat floor such as laminated, tiled, wooden, or vinyl. The rubber edge of the dustpan helps with efficient dirt collection even the fine dust.
  • Soft Sweeping Brush Indoor – The house broom has soft bristles that are perfect for sweeping and cleaning any dirt from your floor without damaging them. The soft synthetic bristles attract dust, debris, and pet hairs which makes dirt collection faster.

Approx. Dimensions:

Total height: 89.5cm
Pan width: 36cm
Pan height: 7cm
Pan depth: 20cm

Total height: 103cm
Brush head: 20.5 x 2.5cm
Bristle Length: 8cm