Metal Dustpan and Brush Traditional Hooded Closed Dust Pan and Soft Hand Brush

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Product Code: 100791
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Here we have a good quality traditional style metal dustpan and brush.
The dustpan is made of metal so much stronger than its plastic equivalent and will last longer.
The dustpan is then finished in light blue paint.
Dustpan size 340mm Wide x 210mm Deep x 150mm tall including the handle

The brush is a good quality with soft pvc bristles.
The bristles are cream and offer a good mix between soft and stiff.
The handle is smooth and varnished as well.

All round a great set that looks that bit different due to its blue finish.
Great for around the home, ideal practical gift.

Base of dustpan may have slight paint marks and defects due to storage.
Still a practical product

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