Microfibre Bendy Feather Duster Set Extendable Handle & Hand Duster

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This long handled microfibre feather duster with extending telescopic handle comes with an added bonus of receiving the FREE microfibre hand duster.
This twin pack is perfect for dusting and cleaning around your home.
Remove dust, dirt and hairs with this modern take on the traditional feather duster.
The microfibre fingers have thousands of individual fibres which attract and grab even the smallest of dust particles.

LONG HANDLED DUSTER - Clean around your home easily with this telescopic microfibre cleaning duster. Reach to the tops of cupboards and around other hard to reach areas of your home such as around the top of door frames or tops of picture frames with ease. No more ladders or climbing on chairs!
FLEXIBLE DUSTER HEAD - This clever duster has a flexible spine which means you can bend the cobweb duster in different directions, making it easier to clean awkward spaces or on top of shelves etc.
MICROFIBRE ATTRACTS DUST - The extendable duster has hundreds of microfibre fingers, each with thousands of individual microfibres. The microfibre duster attracts dust and dirt giving an effortless cleaning experience.
MACHINE WASHABLE DUSTER - The microfibre duster can be removed from its long handle and also the microfibre sleeve taken off. It can then be washed and cleaned either by hand or light machine wash.
FREE BONUS HAND DUSTER - You will receive the amazing long handled microfiber extendable feather duster PLUS our short handle fluffy duster - Perfect for dusting at low levels.

Approx Dimensions:
Hand: 40 cm
Extendable: 110 - 145 cm