TDBS Magic Flat Mop Refill - Pack of 2

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- Microfibre Mop Pads - We all know how effective and powerful microfibre is at cleaning around the home. Comes with 2 pieces of microfibre mop head refills for flat floor mops, this is indeed a must-have cleaning accessory for your flat mop and buckets sets.

- Super Absorbent Flat Mop Head Refills – Made from thick microfibre cloth with a water absorption layer, these mop heads replacement pads can easily clean spills, soaps and water leaks for all floor types. The high-quality microfibre mop pad can also attract and keep hold of dust which makes it also suitable for wiping dry surfaces.

- Washable and Re-Usable – These microfibre replacement mop heads are environmentally friendly. The mop refill pads can just be machine washed and reuse. They are easy to use and stick well on the board of the microfibre floor mop.

- Suitable for All Floor Types in Wet or Dry Conditions – The mop pads are effective on all types of floors. It can be attached to flat mops for laminate floors, wooden floors, tiled floors or vinyl floors. The microfibre mop head refills can wipe out spills, floor stains, soap or dust; and can be used on wet or dry floors.

- Best to Use with The Dustpan and Brush Store’s Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set − Discover the easy way to clean using TDBS microfibre flat mop and bucket. Although these mop pads are universal and can fit most of the flat floor mops, they are ideal to use with The Dustpan and Brush Store heavy duty mop bucket set which aims to deliver superb value for money.