New Static Mop & 2 Packs of Dry Wipe

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- Effortless − Cleaning your flooring has never been so easy. The floor wipes mop attracts dust and is perfect for fast efficient cleaning in busy homes.

- Time-Saving − Sick of pulling out the mop bucket but still want to keep your floor clean? The dust mop with wooden floor wipes is ready to go in seconds - clip on your large floor wipes and you’re ready to go!

- Ready to Clean − Supplied with 100 pieces of dry floor wipes the floor cleaner mop is perfect for laminate, tiled, wooden, or vinyl floors. Dry dusting cloths are great for light everyday cleaning that can easily attract dust and dirt.

- Compact – The wipe mop has a multi-section handle that clips and locks into place. It can easily be stored in the smallest of spaces. With these floor mops with dry mop wipes, there is no need to store a big mop and bucket!

- Trusted Brand – Supplied by The Dustpan and Brush Store with end-user in mind! We know what you want from a disposable static cleaning mop, and we aim to deliver exactly that.

Approx. Dimensions:
Handle Length: 126cm
Mop Head size: 26 x 11cm

For 50 Dry Floor Wipes please use SKU: 103003
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For 20 Wet Floor Wipes please use SKU: 103007
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