Newman and Cole 36" Soft Coco with Bracket and Handle

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- 36” Heavy-duty Wide and Soft Broom Indoor – This extra-large coco broom is ideal to sweep off the dirt from big indoor areas such as warehouse floors. It can also be used as a soft broom outdoor for large, smooth and flat surfaces. With the wide size of this soft brush broom, it can easily and quickly clean dust and light debris in large areas with ease.

- Natural Coco Soft Bristle Brush – The wooden broom has natural coco bristles attached to a hardwearing wooden stock. Using high-quality materials only, this soft indoor broom is perfect for large areas of indoor cleaning.

- Comes with 120cm Wooden Broom Handle and a Metal Bracket – Supplied complete, this product comes with a large sweeping brush indoor broom with handle and bracket. The 120cm strong and sturdy handle is made from wood while the broom bracket is made from metal that provides nice and firm fixing.

- Available in Indoor or Outdoor Broom Head and Handle, or Replacement Head Only – Choose what you need! This soft sweeping brush broom outdoor or indoor is available in a complete set of extra-large broom head, metal bracket and wooden handle; or if you already have a broom handle, you can buy an indoor broom replacement head only.

- Suitable for dry conditions – The natural coco bristles give a smooth soft sweeping action and are suitable for use in dry conditions, making this heavy duty broom soft floor brush perfect for indoor use.