Newman and Cole 36" Wooden Floor Squeegee & 1 1/8 Taper Handle

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  • 36-Inch Durable Rubber Squeegee Head – The large size squeegee floor cleaner is made for industrial cleaning such as warehouses. Made of high-quality heavy-duty rubber squeegee blade for maximum life span. This squeegee mop will not break easily like foam models do, making it suitable to clean large floor areas both indoors and outdoors.
  • 120cm Strong Wooden Handle – Comes in a complete set of water squeegee head and long handle, this wooden squeegee is perfect for fast and efficient spill cleaning. It is designed to stand up to trade use and be used for mortar tasks. The industrial floor squeegee has no plastic parts and is made from a tough wooden block with a smooth finish and is not easy to mould.
  • Quick Drying – This long-handled squeegee can efficiently remove water, oils, or any liquid spills on the floors and wet rooms. It can then quickly dry the surface without unwanted pigment or water spots.
  • Multifunctional – Can efficiently and quickly dry out floors, this industrial wet room floor cleaner provides cleaning coverage whether on your home or for trade use. It is effective as a warehouse floor wiper, tarmac squeegee broom, pool floor cleaner, garden and patio squeegee, and handy garage equipment for outdoor floor cleaning.