Newman and Cole TDBS 10" Coco with Screw Fit Bracket and Green Metal Handle

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-10” Natural Coco Bristles Soft Sweeping Brush – The outdoor and indoor broom has a hard-wearing wooden brush with soft natural coco bristles that give a gentle sweeping action to efficiently remove dust and lightweight dirt from any surface.

- Durable 1pc Metal Handle – This wooden broom comes with a screw thread 120cm solid metal handle which is sturdy enough making this soft brush broom a heavy duty broom for indoor and outdoor cleaning.

- Heavy Duty Soft Bristle Broom for Dry Condition – This soft broom is best used in dry conditions. The soft brush with a high-quality natural coco bristle is attached to a strong steel handle. The assembly is sturdy and not wobbly, so this heavy duty brush is suitable for both outdoor broom uses and indoor cleaning.

- Multifunctional Broom Outdoor or Indoor – As an everyday house broom, this soft broom outdoor and indoor is very flexible and can be used as a kitchen broom, carpet brush, indoor broom for wooden floor, or as a garden broom outdoor, yard brush and patio brush. It is suitable anywhere with smooth dry areas and for lightweight debris and dusts removal.

- Trusted Brand - Newman and Cole know what you want from an indoor and outdoor soft broom and aim to deliver exactly that!