Newman and Cole Weed Brush Head with Scraper fitted with Wooden Handle

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- Effective Block Paving Weeding Tool – Clean up your patios, garden, block paving and driveway with this sturdy patio brush wire. The combination of weed brush wire bristles, steel blade scraper and long handle makes this ideal driveway cleaning tool. The angled bristles of the block paving brush perfectly fit in the cracks and spaces in between the patio paving stones to remove all unwanted moss and weeds.

- Patio Cleaner Brush with Angled Brass Bristles −The patio weed brush head has 3 rows of triangle-shaped brass bristles that are strongly attached to the wooden body. The great and sturdy design of this patio scrubbing brush will stand up to the most demanding jobs even with the heavy growth of weeds. The slanted metal bristles of this patio wire brush allow a targeted cleaning for corners and gaps in between driveways and paving slabs.

- Comes with Metal Blade Weed Scraper – This patio cleaning brush comes with a metal blade scraper that supports removing deep-rooted weeds without the need to use additional tools. Loosen up the stubborn build-up of weeds using this blade scraper then use the block paving cleaner brush to finish the job.

- Long and Strong Wooden Handle − No more backache when cleaning your patios, gardens and driveways with this pavement weeding tool. The weed remover tool long handle measures 120cm and is made from high-quality of wood. The handle is sturdy enough so you can apply pressure when cleaning. This long handled wire brush can also be used access hard to reach places like roofing or walls.

- Eco-friendly Weed Remover Tool for Block Paving – Aside from the wooden materials used, this patio brush with handle promotes traditional cleaning and 100% environment friendly. No need for high-pressure hoses and pesticides that harm nature. This weed brush is indeed a resource-saving, effective, chemical-free and safe weeding method.