Newman and Cole Wooden Dish Brush PACK OF 3

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  • 3-Pack Replacement Dish Brush Heads – No need to throw away your dish brush handle once the washing up brushes have been worn out. Just replace them with these sustainable dishwashing brush heads that come in 3 packs. You can also have them stock as a dishwasher brush replacement refills backup.
  • Eco Dish Brush with Tampico Bristles – This wooden scrubbing brush for dishes has medium-soft bristles made from Tampico fiber. These dish brushes have the perfect abrasiveness which makes them ideal kitchen brushes for dishes for all-purpose cleaning.
  • High-Quality Wooden Stock with Handle Attachment Lines – Compatible for most of the dishes brush handles available in the market, these dish washing up brush heads already have handle attachments lines ready to be used. The dish scrubber wood stock is durable and can resist moulding for a long time.
  • Multi-purpose Washing up Brushes for Kitchen – With wide applications for all general cleaning in the kitchen, these dish brushes for washing up can be used for cleaning your pots, cooking pans, bowls, glasses, kitchen tiles and counter-tops. It can also be used as a sink brush for sanitary cleaning for your sinks.
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products – The wooden washing up brush heads replacement is 100% made from natural and plant-based resources to avoid the use of harmful plastic materials used in most of the dish brushes available in the market. These dishes and sink cleaning brush heads are compostable and are safe to be disposed of in your backyard or neighborhood green bin.