Pack of 3 Grout Cleaning Brush Small Narrow Plastic with Stiff Bristle

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✓ EFFICIENT CLEANING TOOLS - These 3 brushes are perfect for quick effective cleaning of tiles and grout. The narrow firm bristles give a great scrubbing and cleaning action without damaging the surface. For best results use along aside your favourite household cleaner.
✓ MULTIPURPOSE - These handy small household cleaning brushes come in perfect all around the home. Perfect for use in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Areas and also the Garden. They can also be used for cleaning the wheels and vents on your car.
✓ COMFY AND EASY USE - The smart design on the handle with the built in thumb grip gives the user perfect control. Allowing a varied amount of pressure dependant on how stubborn the dirt is in the area you are trying to clean.
✓ CLEAN AND SHINE - Quick and easy cleaning is the key to a tidy home. This pack of 3 brushes are perfect for this and combined with this multi buy it offers a great saving. Keep one in each room for regular quick cleaning
✓ LEADING BRAND - Designed by The Dustpan and Brush Store with the end user in mind