Rubber Hand Brush General Purpose Cleaning Brush With Scratch Free Rubber Bristles Ideal For Pet Hair Removal

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Product Code: 102821
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We all love our pets, however the hair they leave behind can be frustrating!

You know the feeling - you sit down in your new trousers or freshly washed shirt and find small pet hairs over the fabric.

Its part of having a pet but now there is a way to reduce this and keep your furniture pet hair free!

This great hand brush has hundreds of rubber bristles which work together to attract and pull hair from fabric.
This makes it ideal for removing pet hair from furniture, carpets and stairs too!
Built into the hand brush is a rubber squeegee which can be used for cleaning windows and mirrors.
Once used the rubber hand brush can be washed under a tap and used again and again.

Struggle no more and get yours today!

Measurements length 24.5 cm width 5 cm Bristle Length 2 cm

For best results please gently stroke the brush back towards yourself against the surface you are trying to clean in a sweeping/stroking action - While doing this try to keep all bristles in contact with the surface you are trying to clean. If you push too hard on the bristles in one area this can lead to the bristles wearing down. If you follow this all your carpets and flooring will be hair free!!

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