Silicone Toilet Brush Set with Spare Brush Head

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No one loves the job but its a fact of life - your toilet needs cleaning!
To make the job a bit easier we have produced the silicone toilet brush.
If you have never used a silicone toilet brush before you will ask yourself why after trying one.
No more old stinky - frankly disgusting looking nylon brushes.
The modern looking brush has silicone bristles which are grey and don't hold water or waste like cheaper nylon brushes.
This particular model even has an inbuilt rim cleaner for getting in and under the edge of your loo.
To top it off the brush even comes with a spare head. Not only are the silicone bristles more hard wearing but they won't damage your loo either.
No need to keep wasting money replacing brushes every few months - make the change today and join thousands of happy customers.

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