Silicone Toilet Brush Set with Spare Brush Head

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  • EFFORTLESS SHINING TOILETS: Our silicone toilet brush is one of the most hygienic brushes available on the market for your bathroom; you will easily clean your toilet and wash off your brushes with no effort. The silicone bristles are gentle with your toilet bowl as it does not mark or scratch the ceramic
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN: Simply rinse your brush off with water to clean your brush and silicone bristles. Storage is easy in the brush toilet holder which is specially designed to dry your toilet brush and prevent accumulations and cross contamination of germs and bacteria.
  • LONG HANDLE TOILET BRUSH WITH EASY GRIPS: Our toilet brush has a long, stiff and non-slip handle designed to help you to get rid of any marks in your loo. Its long handle will protect you while cleaning but also allows you to clean all areas of the toilet. This toilet brush will become a must-have among your bathroom accessories set
  • BUILT IN TOILET RIM CLEANER: The black silicon toilet brush head reaches every edge of your toilet. Features a built in rim cleaner for cleaning around the edges of the toilet which are often missed. You can easily scrub the inside of the bowl, under the rim, around the edges and into the hole
  • STURDY AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Our toilet brushes and holders are made to last and we added a silicone toilet brush replacement head to make it eco-friendly as it doubles the durability of your toilet brush set.

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