Strong Metal Coal Shovel 9 Inch Fireside Dust Ash Pan Spade with Wooden Handle

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✓ Coal Shovel - 9 Inch wide coal shovel, Perfect for use in and around the home. Ideal for use with open fires for shovelling coal or collecting ash.

✓ Wooden Handle - Smoothed and shaped handle so no nasty splinters - Easy to grip and hold and won't transfer heat like a metal handle will.

✓ 9 Inch - Nice width allows good capacity while still been easy to manage - Flared edges keep contents on the shovel.

✓ Metal Pressed Head - Steel sheets are pressed into shape and then ridges added to give this shovel its strength. To finish the item off and give it the great look the shovel head is painted black which helps protect and prolong the life of the shovel.

✓ Leading Brand - Designed by The Dustpan and Brush Store with the end user in mind