TDBS Blind Cleaner Set

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If you're tired of struggling to clean the dust and dirt off your blinds and window shutters our blind cleaner set is the perfect solution for you! Including two dusters, one large and one small, it's the perfect duo for the job! These clever cleaning tools will more than half the time it takes to clean your blinds!

Both dusters are lightweight and comes with bendable handles for an easier use. They also both come with microfibre cloth sleeves, this helps attract the dust and dirt as well as making sure not to scratch your blinds. The sleeves are easily removed and machine washable, meaning they are reusable and you'll actually save money as well as having dust free windows over a longer period of time!

The small duster features an inbuilt brush end that can help tackle even the more stubborn bits of dirts. 

With the larger cleaner lifting dirt from two blind slats at a time and the smaller cleaner getting into those harder to reach cracks and corners, you'll end up with clean dust-free blinds.