TDBS Caution Warning *RED*/White Mop Bucket

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- Red Mop Bucket with Wet Floor Caution Sign – In a colour coded cleaning system, the red bucket mop is used for places with a higher risk of contamination and bacteria such as sanitary fittings, restrooms, toilets, and urinals. Plus, it comes with a large caution wet floor symbol printed on both sides for added safety precaution on slippery floors.

- 12 Litre Capacity Mopping Plastic Bucket – The size and construction of this bucket for mop is ideal for easy transport when cleaning, it also comes with an easy carry handle. Moulded from high-quality polypropylene material, the mop bucket has a strong body, which is durable for its weight.

- Removable Mop Wringer – A dual-purpose cleaning bucket on which the mop wringer can be removed as needed and can also be used as a normal bucket. This bucket for mopping floors allows an easy squeeze to cleaning mops, removes any excess water before applying to the floorings, and provides more control over the desired wetness of the floor mops.

- Great Design for Multipurpose Use – Features a hand pouring grip, a pouring spout, a sturdy handle, and a built-in clip at the wringer where you can easily snap the wet mop in place, this industrial mop bucket has everything you need. Widely used in general and small area establishments as a string mop or kentucky mop bucket. These commercial mop buckets are great for handling spills in the hallways, fast-food outlets, restaurants, schools, or even in your home.

- Trusted Brand – The Dustpan and Brush Store supplies cleaning equipment and specialises in brooms, brushes and dustpans with the end-user in mind. We can assure the durability of this product for long-time use. Please take note that this offer includes mop buckets only.