Black Metal Dustpan Hooded Dust Pan Strong Traditional Metal Closed Dustpan

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Another great product from The Dustpan and Brush Store. The metal dustpan and brush is ideal for cleaning in and around the home. Strong design with a lovely finish it is everything you would expect and a product which sets the standard. At just over 12 inches wide it is perfect for all jobs and gives a good capacity.

TRADITIONAL design dustpan with an updated feel and attention to detail. Smooth rolled edges and a high quality black paint finish.

STRONG design that has under gone testing and evolved over the years. Spot welded, folded and rolled into shape.

METAL product so non of the flimsiness of today's plastic alternatives. Thanks to the dustpan been metal it is also suitable for warm waste.

LARGE capacity dustpan allows you to do more cleaning before emptying. Just over 12 Inches wide (310mm) it is the perfect size without been too clumsy.

BRANDED product gives you the reassurance of a quality product and a name you can trust The Dustpan and Brush Store who specialise in quality dustpans.

Approx. dimensions:
Width: 32.5cm
Depth: 21cm
Height: 12cm
Opening Height: 7cm

Product Weight: 460 grams

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