TDBS Pack of 3 Microfibre Cloths

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  • Super Soft and Highly Absorbent – Fine and soft microfibre filaments work efficiently to collect dirt from smooth and delicate surfaces. This microfiber cloth can be used either dry or damp. Effective as a dust cloth that attracts dirt from the countertops, windows, and furniture; these microfiber cloths are also super absorbent which is ideal for wiping spills or cleaning the tables.
  • Streak-Free and Lint Free Cloth – Clean without leaving lint behind. We made sure that the microfibres of these cloths to clean surfaces are intact leaving them streak-free. The microfibre cloths are also non-abrasive so no need to worry about damaging or scratching the areas you clean.
  • Reusable and Washable – Featuring high-quality stitching and reinforced edges, these microfibre cloths can be repurposed after every use. They are mainly made for polyester which means they have long-lasting durable fibres suitable for both hand wash and machine wash.
  • Multipurpose Microfibre Cloths – Wipe all the dirt, grease, and dust with ease. The premium large microfibre cloth set is perfect for removing grease and oils in the kitchen. Effortlessly clean your microwave oven, tables, and countertops with the use of these cleaning cloths for home. Not all that because this kitchen cloth can also be utilized to polish and dust the furniture, windows, mirrors, and is greatly used as car cleaning cloths.
  • Trusted Brand – Supplied by the Dustpan and Brush Store with the end-user in mind. We exactly know what you want from microfibre cleaning cloths and deliver exactly that! The package comes in three different colors of 40cm x 40cm lint-free cloths: blue, red, and yellow.