Static Floor Cleaning Mop and Cloths - Suitable for Hard Flooring and Laminate

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- All Types of Floor Wipe Mop for Quick and Easy Cleaning – Whether you have tiled, wooden, laminated, or marbled flooring, this static floor cleaning mop provides a quick and effortless cleaning experience that leaves no streak. This is a convenient solution for both of your sweeping and mopping daily tasks.

- Can be Used with Dry or Wet Floor Wipes – Choose the appropriate disposable mop wipes attachment depending on your needs! This floor mop with wipes can be used and is compatible with most of the dry or wet floor wipes in the market. It has easy-grip holders on top of the mop head that provides a stable attachment. Dry mop wipes can be used to pick up dirt, dust, and crumbs that are littering on the floor, while the mop wet wipes are effective in removing stains and caked-on debris.

- Time-saving Floor Cleaner Mop with Great Static Properties of the Cloths – This static dust mop can easily attract, trap and hold dirt, dust, and hairs collected from the floors. Moreover, the disposable dusting wipes eliminate the need to wash cloths every time you use them. Simply remove them from the flat mop and discard them in the trash.

- 360 Degree Swivel Head – Featuring the 360-degree swivel head, this home and kitchen mop with disposable wipes allows access to corners of the rooms, along skirting, and under furniture. These static cleaning mops for floors can definitely pick up what the brooms leave behind. It also comes with a 120cm 4-section stainless steel durable handle – no bending needed.

- Supplied with 10 Dry Wipe Cloths – The floor wipes mop kit comes with 10 dry floor wipes. We, The Dustpan and Brush Store, also offer dry and wet wipe mop refills in case you run out of stock.

Approx. Dimensions:
Total Length: 126cm
Mop Head size: 26 x 11cm

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