TDBS V Sweeper Large Floor Mop

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  • Ideal for Large Surface Cleaning – This kind of industrial mop is commonly used in wide areas such as halls, schools, corridors, and warehouses. Great to use in all kinds of hard floorings, the floor dust sweeper allows effortless cleaning in no time!
  • Effectively Attracts Dust and Dirt – The V sweeper mop pads establish static electricity when in contact with the floor which makes it great for attracting and sweeping the dust and litter from floorings. Comes with a pair of washable and reusable 100cm long V sweeper mop heads, this floor sweeper hard floor mop is supplied to quickly clean wide areas.
  • Scissor Mop Metal Frame – With scissor action blades, the large floor sweeper can cover up to 2-meter diameter in just one swoop. The frame is made up of metal to come up with a durable floor cleaner sweeper mop suitable for industrial demands.
  • Easy to Maneuver – Fully adjustable with the use of scissors action handle, this V sweeper flat mop can be extended from a closed position up to 1.5-meter to 2-meter wide when in use.
  • Secure Attachment – The V sweeper acrylic heads can be easily fitted from the scissor action blades. They can be effortlessly inserted and secured to the dust control mop to sweep the dirt, and can also be easily detached after use.