Indoor Broom with Multi Section Handle

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- Indoor Sweeping Brush - The soft broom bristles are perfect for cleaning in and around the home. So if you are looking for a sweeping brush indoor use, this is the broom for you.

- Multi Section Handle - The soft broom has a multi section screw fit broom handle. Made up of 4 pieces it screws together to give a long 120cm strong handle. It can then be taken back down again for storage if needed, making it a perfect caravan broom.

- Soft Floor Brush - The brush sweeping action is perfect for fine dust and dirt. The ends of the bristles are flagged meaning they are frayed, which allows them to catch even the smallest dust particles.

- Indoor Broom for Wooden Floor - Cleaning in your kitchen and living room has never been so easy. The soft broom with handle is the perfect soft brush for all types of flooring.

- Grey Indoor Brush - Finished in a modern grey / silver colour the broom is great for general soft sweeping brush tasks around the home.