TDBS Wave Broom and 4pc Handle

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- Perfect Sweeping Brush Indoor Broom – This 120cm long handled brush house broom has everything you need from an indoor broom. The head has soft cleaning brush bristles with flagged ends that attract dust, dirt and hairs. This floor brush indoor works with all types of floors; and the soft tip bristles will not damage or scratch your laminated, wooden or tile flooring.

- Soft Broom Indoor that Deeply Cleans Every Corner – If you need a kitchen broom that can reach every corner and narrow space of the house, this is the right one for you. This soft sweeping brush has an angled head which is perfect for getting into corners and under tables and chairs.

- Multi-sectional Long Handle Made to Suit You − The heavy duty broom indoor sweeping brush comes with a 120cm stainless steel handle with 4 sections. The indoor broom handle is suited for any height of users, has strong screw fitting and is easy to assemble.

- Hard-Wearing and Durable Soft Brush Broom − Made of high-quality stainless steel, the handle of this soft brush broom will give strength and support while cleaning. It also comes in a tubular design so it does not add much weight to the kitchen brush floor broom. The soft broom head bristles are intact, strongly attached and will not easily fall out when cleaning.

- Trusted Brand – The Dustpan and Brush Store supplies a wide range of cleaning tools with the end-user in mind. We can guarantee that this is a high-quality soft bristle broom for a long-time use.