TDBS Wire Brush Set 6pk

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- 6 Wire Brushes of Different Styles – Use the correct wire brush depending on your task! With 3 unique types of bristles –steel, brass, and nylon and each come with 2 different metal brush sizes – small and mini size, you will get a total of 6 small cleaning brush for abrasive scrubbing.

- 3 Types of Hard Wire Brush Bristles – The steel bristle brushes are effective wire brush for rust removal, paint removal, brick stains, and heavy grime scrubbing due to their stiff reliable bristles. The brass wire brush is applicable for more sensitive surfaces that need to avoid sparks or scratches such as spark plugs, metalworks, battery terminals, and alloys. Lastly, the nylon brush is used for lighter cleaning such as dusting household appliances, upholstery, oven, and delicate woodworks.

- 2 Different Sizes – These 6 pieces of small wire brushes for cleaning come in two different sizes. 3 of the metal brushes are mini versions with 17cm total length. They are best to use on hard-to-reach surfaces because they can easily get through the gaps, while the other 3 rust brush that measures 22cm which can be used in open areas for faster cleaning.

- Heavy Duty Wire Brush Set with Comfortable Design − Durable materials and ergonomic design make a good wirebrush because of its demanding requirement in coarse cleaning. That’s why we made these wire brushes for cleaning rust using a high-quality and thick plastic body with shaped handles that are comfortable to grip. The bristles are also denser so they can clean any rust and corrosion in detail.

- Wide Applications – These small brushes for cleaning have a wide range of applications in both household and trade use. They can be used to drive heavy dirt on concrete, metal, stone and wood surfaces. The steel brush is also great for cleaning barbecue grills, motorcycles, and bicycle chains. The mini brass copper wire brush may be used when cleaning cookers, ovens, stoves, and window frames, while the nylon bristle brush can use to polish shoes, bonsai tree branches, and crafts.