TDBS Wire Brush Set with Rubber Grips

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- 2 in 1 Versatile Wire Brush Set - The set includes a long handle wire brush and a block brush to complete your basic cleaning tool kit and help you remove heavy grime and dirt. These steel brushes for cleaning have 4-row of metal steel bristles which are convenient for a thorough surface cleaning. The metal brush set allows you to push heavy dirt stuck on concrete, metal, stone and wood surfaces.

- Rust Brush for Abrasive Cleaning - This wirebrush set will support you to clean extreme dirt surfaces. It can be used to remove corrosion, welding swarf, moss or grout.Moreover it can act as a wire brush for paint removal,patio hand wire brush, bbq wire brush, brick wire brush cleaner and wire brushes for cleaning rust.

- Lightweight and Easy to Hold Steel Brush - The wire brush set is made with a strong plastic body, high grade steel bristles and rubber coated handles. The block large wire brush has a thumb grip for extra support during cleaning while the long handled wire brush has a 13-inches rubber coated and shaped hand grip for a comfortable use.

- Heavy Duty Wire Brush - The wire brushes are well set; the bristles are secured to the plastic body to provide a secure binding and are made of steel that make our brushes strong and tough. Our hard wire brush set is the best choice to remove heavy accumulations of dirt and rust from different surfaces.

- Trusted Brand – Guaranteed quality by the Dustpan and Brush Store. The heavy duty wire brush set is manufactured to meet your exact needs for professional and domestic abrasive cleaning. Our steel brush will reduce your efforts of cleaning dirt surfaces, removing rust and dragging debris.