Traditional Wooden Childrens Child Sweeping Brush Play Yard Broom with Short Handle

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  • ✓ PERFECT GIFT - A great gift idea for any little helper! Traditional wooden childrens sweeping brush.
  • ✓ NATURAL - Made of wood which sourced from well managed forests. Much stronger and safer than the cheap plastic alternatives
  • ✓ QUALITY - This broom is the same great quality you would expect from a standard broom but in a smaller childrens size. Each handle is hand cut to size and can vary between 58-60cm and then quality checked and smooth sanded to give the perfect finish.
  • ✓ TRADITIONAL - Traditional wooden childrens sweeping brush. Children love to copy adults and sweeping up is no exception - Share this product with them and then will have something just as good as the real thing!
  • ✓ LEADING BRAND - Designed by The Dustpan and Brush Store with the end user in mind

Handle Size 58-60cm
Broom Head Width approx 23cm