Urinal Screen Cherry Pink - BOX OF 10

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Long-lasting Fresh Cherry Fragrance Urinal Screens – The scent of these toilet fresheners can last up to one month and it will act as an odour neutraliser for a more sanitized smell of toilet and bathroom for males.

Splash-free Urinal Mats – No need to set a toilet mat on the floor because these scented splash guard mats will prevent splashes to keep the floor clean and hygienic. It is made with hardwearing material with soft bristles that trap the urine stream and direct it into the drain. Hence, avoiding urine splash back, no wet mess and no foul odor around the urinal.

No Urinal Clogs and Blocked Drains – These toilet smell refresher splash pads are great replacement for urinal blocks to keep urinals smelling fresh, hygienic and clean. In addition, the toilet discs prevent urinal clogging of dirt like chewing gums, toilet papers and cigarette butts, down the drain.

Must-Have Janitorial & Sanitation Supplies – Aside from fragrant bathroom scent, these hygienic urinal fresheners splash mats also come with calendar day and month tags located on the side so you can monitor when they need to be changed - simply remove the tabs upon installation to set your replacement.

Fits any urinal – The Dustpan and Brush Store’s high-quality and long-lasting scented urinal discs are made with 18cm round-shaped mats that will practically fit any urinals for men.