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10 Cleaning Tips with Lemon

by Linda Cleans 12 Mar 2024

 Firstly… Why lemon?

Not only does it taste great on fish and in your gin and tonics it’s one of the best alternatives to using cleaning products and chemicals.

Lemons contain both acidity in its’ segments and oil in its’ zest/skin so it makes it an ideal all rounder for whatever you’re cleaning. As well as this, the smell of lemon is lovely and fresh making it give the aroma of clean and… they’re cheap!

So… Here are the ten ways you can use them in your day to day cleaning


1. Clean Your Fridge Freshener

Leave an open tub of baking soda in your fridge (tried method) to help rid of the unpleasant odours in your fridge. Whilst this is happening add a half lemon flesh side up or a bowl of freshly squeezed lemon juice in your fridge to give off that wonderful smell, but be sure to change the lemon out at least once a week to avoid the smell of rotten lemons…

2. Clean Your Wooden Chopping Boards

Is your wooden cutting board starting to look a little stained, tired or stinking of garlic?

Firstly sprinting some salt onto your board and cut your lemon in half. Using this flesh side of your lemon scrub the salt into your chopping board, rinse, and repeat if needed. You’ll soon see that the food stains start disappearing along with any unpleasant odours.


3. Brighten Up Your Taps

There’s nothing better than when your taps are gleaming and sparkly. Unfortunately it never lasts long thanks to hard water stains. To these from your taps simply squeeze (or spray if can) lemon juice onto them and rub the flesh along the metal surfaces. Let this sit for up to around 10 minute and simply wipe and rinse away to see that shine!


4. Clean Your Microwave

First remove any lingering dried food or crumbs from the dishwasher. Once done, add a bowl of water with a lemon cut in half, squeezing some of the juice into the water and cook for about 5 minutes until the water is boiling. Let the water cool down for another 5 minutes or so then remove the bowl from the microwave and get a damp cloth and simply wipe the microwave down. Not only should the oil from the lemon help loosen and build up stains in your microwave, it will also help remove odours and leave your microwave smelling fresh again.


5. Clean Your Cheese Grater

Yes… You read that right! Save your sponges from getting shredded to piece or your dishwasher having to do several cycles to make a difference because that cheese will still be clinging on for dear life in those hard to reach places. This is where the lemon enters the scenario… Cut a lemon in half and grate the fish side on both the outside and inside of the grater, once done thoroughly simply rinse the remaining cheese, and give it one more final wash.

The oil in the lemons zest helps break up any of those stubborn dairies and the acid helps beautifully.


6. Clean Your Windows and Mirrors

People tend to go down the more traditional route of using white wine vinegar for these jobs if and when avoiding chemicals but if you’re anything like us and don’t want your home smelling of a fish and chippy afterwards then lemon is your answer!

Instead combined lemon juice with water and pour into a spray bottle and make sure to give it a good mix up and shake. Once done spray onto your windows or mirrors and simply wipe away with a dry microfibre cloth, it’s that easy!


7. Descale Your Kettle… Really!

It really couldn’t be simpler… Add half a cup of lemon juice to two cups of water, pour into the kettle and let it stand for about 2 hours to start breaking down the limescale. Once it’s been standing, boil your kettle and then let it cool down. Empty the kettle and rinse a several times with plain water and boil again.


8. Clean Your Grout

Don’t you just hate it when your grout starts looking dirty and dark compared to your tiles? If you’re wanting to avoid using chemicals then lemon is your friend. Combine the juice of one lemon with bicarbonate of soda to create a paste and smear onto the grout. Leave this standing for at least 5 minutes, when time is up gently scrub into the grout until you’re happy with your results and rinse with warm clean water.


9. Polish Your Pots and Pans

This is a similar method to cleaning your chopping board. Take a half lemon and rub the flesh side on the inside and outside of your pan, do NOT rinse after you have done this though, instead buff with a microfibre cloth. If you’re finding the grime a little tougher dip your lemon into salt and rub over the harder stained area, not too rough to cause scratches! When satisfied the stain is removed rinse well and buff and dry with the microfibre cloth.


10. Scare Off Those Insects!

And lastly lemon is amazing for making little critters flee. Insects such as spiders, ants and fleas are highly sensitive to smell so something as strong and powering as lemon they just don’t like. Squirt some lemon juice, leave half a lemon or some peel on window sills, door thresholds or any other places you feel the creepy crawlies are getting in and you will soon notice your home becoming more pest free!


There you have it! Ten ways to make lemons work for you in your cleaning routines! Not only is it affordable, safer it’s also more eco friendly, what’s not to love???


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