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Choosing a Long Handled Dustpan and Brush Set

by Thomas Thorp 13 Jan 2019

In this blog post we will give you everything there is to know about long handled dustpan and brush sets. No matter if you are looking for something for cleaning up around your home indoors or perhaps outdoor around the garden, we will have a broom and dustpan set to suit you! We also carry a range of strong commercial dustpan and brush sets with long handles which we supply too major fast food outlets, which have to stand up to daily use in fast paced working environments. So no matter if you are a domestic customer or commercial cleaning company you will be sure here at The Dustpan and Brush Store we have you covered!

When buying a lobby dustpan and brush with long handles you have to make sure it has exactly that....... LONG HANDLES. From our years of experience and also countless trial and error you will find that most dustpan sets should have handle lengths that sit between 80 - 100 cm tall. This is because it will make the handle sit around waist height when in use. This means you can grip the dustpan and sweep into it without having to bend. This is the main reason people tend to want to buy a long handle dustpan and brush set as it prevents bending which can lead to back problems and for some people it simply isn't physically possible to bend over and sweep the floor as you would with a normal dustpan and broom set. Over the years we have seen many sets which simply don't have the long tall handle feature and we have found this tends to be on cheaper imported sets where cost is key, meaning less material gives a cheaper cost price but also many sets originate from the far east where the average height of the person using the set is less than other countries.
Another thing to watch out for on cheap dustpan and brush sets long handle is the materials used. Yes the price point on the cheap dust pan set might be attractive but what you often find is instead of making the job easier it in fact is counter productive. For one the handle is made of cheap plastic which can buckle under any sort of pressure. Now although you are not meant to use the dustpan as a support aid and we certainly wouldn't suggest it, you would still expect to be able to push, angle and lift the dustpan head into the position you require for sweeping the spill up. We have found and been sent images of customers who have had dustpan sets literally fall apart on them and handles buckle or worse snap. Further too this the more something is made too a price point, corners get cut and standards fall. The main function of a long dustpan and brush set is to sweep and clean the floor, so you would expect it to sit flush to the floor. You would be surprised though at the amount of cheap sets which are either badly moulded or made of such thin material they won't hold shape and in turn do not sit flat to the floor for the perfect dust pan with brush. For this reason we do not stock the £1 budget long handled dustpan and broom sets but do carry an entry level model which is under £5 and a good first model or cheap set for occasional use around the home.

Cleaning around your home with a dustpan and brush is one thing but you might also like to take this one step further and clean outdoor areas such as driveways and patios. For this you would be looking for a more robust and hard wearing dustpan. We carry durable plastic brush and dustpan sets but also heavy duty metal long handle dust pan with broom sets. Both of these would be up to the task but both have benefits and factors to consider. For example the metal long handled dustpan and brush set is great for use outdoors but with the metal dust pan it is also heavier than the plastic model. We often find many people select the plastic brush and dustpan set over the metal set as it can be both an indoor and out door lobby dustpan.

Our top selling model is our industrial long handled dustpan and brush set which is named after the reason we brought the model to market. The trade was asking us for a brush and pan set with long handles and wanted a set which would last. For this reason we have used the best virgin plastic for the injection moulded dust pan head and combined this with a light weight but strong aluminium metal handle. The set can be purchased with a soft or stiff long handled broom / brush, so is perfect for many applications both indoor or outdoor both domestic or commercial. The tall handled dustpan is such good quality it often out lives the life of the brush which over time the bristles start to fade and wear. Of course after investing in a long handled dustpan of this quality we wouldn't want you having to replace the set and so replacement long brooms in both soft and stiff are available to purchase separate.

Hopefully this guide has given you a bit more information on long handled lobby dustpan and brush sets and you are able to make a more informed buying decision. If you have any questions or require more information before buying a set we would be more than happy to help here at The Dustpan and Brush Store.

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