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Do you know where the dirtiest areas in your home are?

by Linda Cleans 16 May 2023

Germs are everywhere, there’s no escaping it.

It’s easy to see the obvious dirty areas in our home, like food spilt over the kitchen counters, that horrible soap scum in the bath or just that never ending pile of laundry. But what about the areas that don’t look that particularly dirty? These could be the most germ riddled areas in your home!

So where are the dirtiest places in your home?

Kitchen Sink

Probably the most contaminated place in the entire house is not in the bathroom, but actually the kitchen! When you leave dirty dishes in the sink or around the sink, you’re creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which love damp warm places. Even if you’re careful about rinsing your dishes and loading them into the dishwasher, food particles still get left behind in the sink. This is why it’s important to clean your sink out every day, even if it you are only rinsing your plates for the dishwasher!

Door Handles

Door handles are the most frequently touched items in your house apart from light switches. Even though door handles are dry and harmless, they can still carry bacteria for up to a whole 24 hours!

And for parents who know, not all people have the cleanest hands…. (if you get my gist)

So make sure you’re trying to disinfect your handles with antibacterial wipes as often as you can , or at least try to frequently clean the doors you use the most.

Pet Bowls

You know that slime on the surface of your dogs water and food bowl? That’s what people like to call a ‘germy coating’. This really is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria to thrive and you don’t want your poor pet having to digest it all. The slimy surface isn’t actually that easy to remove, especially if it’s been allowed to grow for a time. We recommend first breaking up the coating by scrubbing the bowl with salt and a sponge (or a paper towel if you don’t want to dispose of your sponge after), once you’re happy it’s broken up disinfect the bowl using a tablespoon of bleach and fill the bowl with warm water and giving it a good scrub. Another option once you’ve cleaned the bowl out with salt is you can run it through a high temperature cycle in your dishwasher

Toilet Bowl

This should be no surprise to anyone! Your toilet bowl is just basically a germ fest! Only thing we’ll say for this one is, make sure to keep the lid down when you flush…

TV Remote

It gets handled daily, but who really cleans their remote, and how often? Probably not many and not a lot. Like other objects frequently touched by human and hands, tv remotes are crawling with germs. To clean your remote, simply remove the batteries and wipe it down with a damp (not dripping!) antibacterial wipe, and if you want to go the extra mile, use a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant to wipes around the edges of the buttons.

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