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How To Keep Your House Clean With Your Furry Pet

by Linda Cleans 12 Jul 2023

Unfortunately, as much as we love our fur friends, they can just be so messy and sometimes smelly, which is not what you want for your home. Not everyone loves the smell of dogs or cat when entering a room and their hairs shed all over the house. I don’t know about you but I’m finding dog hairs on my bookcase, how is that possible!? Anyways… So if you have friends coming over or hosting a family dinner any time soon here are a few tips for keeping your house clean whilst having your furry little friends running around.

Brush your pet thoroughly

If you own a pet, whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit.. Their hairs can settle everywhere. However by just grooming your pet with a brush (obviously pet specific brush) this can help fix your problem, or at least reduce the affects to some degree. Grooming your pet regularly is on e of the best ways to reduce hair from building up around your home. Basically just because the hair that normally ends up on the floors and furniture will be caught up in the brush instead and thrown away, simple!

Vacuum Regularly

Again this will be an obvious one, but works just as well and is just as important as brushing your pet regularly. To stop the hair and debris building up over time, hoover your floors once a week to help it not feel like such a losing battle. And if the hair is really embedded into your carpets, try using our rubber broom to help sweep even more hair in debris up. (If you don’t believe a broom can work just look at the video at the bottom of this blog!)

Overall we do recommend that you try hoover (or sweep) every other day to keep on top of those pesky hairs.

Have a Blanket Just for Your Pet

To reduce the smell of pets around your house another piece of advise is to designate a couple of blankets that are just for your pets. The best solution is to drape blankets over the areas in your house where they most like to snooze, for me it’s either our bed or the sofa… This just makes it easier to remove and wash as soon as an odour starts to appear. Not only this it will remove the amount of hair that collects on our bedding and furniture, so a win win!

Clean your Skirting Boards Regularly

Don’t forget to dust and wipe down the skirting boards around your home as these are often where a lot of pet hair and dust settles. Dust then wipe with a damp cloth and then follow with the hoover to pick up any straggling hairs that have been left behind. This is a great way to reduce hair build up around your home.

Clean Furniture With Baking Soda

People who don’t own pets tend to more likely notice the smell or odour a house can have when there is a pet or two living there. It may be that we have become accustomed to the the smell, but trust us, it’s definitely there.

One of the best ways to reduce bad odours in your home is a hack which helps with fridge odours too and that thats to clean your furniture with baking soda. This a fantastic solution which is natural meaning it is safe to use around your pets and ideal for keeping your house fresh and odour free. It works by breaking down bad smells naturally, just sprinkle a good amount of baking soda onto the fabric and let it sit for a little while, maybe up to 20 minutes, hoover the baking powder all up and that lovely pet odour will be gone!

Air Out Your Home Regularly

We have talked about the lovely odours our pets can cause in the homes, one of the best ways to reduce this is by opening the windows and airing out your home daily. If you can get into the habit of opening your windows and letting fresh are circulate every day if not a couple of times a day, you will find the odours of your house significantly reduced.

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