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Your Weekly Bathroom Checklist

by Linda Cleans 09 Jan 2023


1. Declutter your countertops, shelves and sinks

If you’re anything like me you tend to do your morning routine in the bathroom mirror, this includes my skincare and cosmetics which tend to be left around or on the sink… Just to make the bathroom appear that bit cleaner, put all your toiletries into a drawer. It’s so simple and makes such a difference to your bathroom.

(If you don’t have a drawer there are many amazing storage hacks for help!)


2. Wipe down counters, taps and sinks

Using a general bathroom cleaning spray (I tend to use the pink stuff bathroom cleaner) and a microfibre cloth remove any splatters such as toothpaste stains or water drips from your surfaces. Grab a second cloth to wipe if you are cleaning the toilet seat or floors!

If you want to make this even easier we recommend using our 4 in 1 grout brush with it’s microfibre pad pour your solution into its’ spray bottle and spray as you wipe!

3. Hang Up Towels

It’s easy to let it slide when a towel gets dropped onto the floor after showering and thinking you’ll sort it out later. But hanging it up takes literally seconds and will save your floor and bathroom from unwanted cold and mildew. It was also dry your towels quicker reducing chance of that horrible damp smell.

4. Drying Shower walls and doors

After each shower try to use a squeegee to wipe down the walls and the shower doors to prevent soap scum build-up and hard water stains. This 2 minute job will mean you don’t have to do a deep weekly clean which can take two or three rounds to remove the really tough stains.



1. Wash and change your towels and bathmats.


Gather and wash all your towels, face cloths and bath mats. Firstly, take them outside and give a good shake to get rid of all the hair and dust they have collected. Once done put in the washing machine and then air dry to prevent damage to the mats and their rubber backing.


2. Disinfect the Toilet

This is an absolute must to do weekly if not more. Being one of the most used areas in the bathroom, and lets face it, not the nicest… We need to keep on top of it to make sure stains and odours don’t build up. Firstly give the lid and tank a dust and use a bleach based product to sanitise your toilet around the outside. Clean the inside using a toilet brush along with a toilet cleaner like the pink stuff foam, we recommend something like our silicone base one as it cleans easier and doesn’t retain germs or stain.

3. Sanitise your Sink

Even though you give the sink it’s daily clean it’s still wise to clean it once a week with a bleach based product to make sure it’s sanitised properly. Also use this time to clean the water stains from your taps using either limescale or a home made white vinegar solution, allow it sit for a few minutes to break won the stain then you either a paper towel or microfibre cloth clean around and in between the taps. It’s amazing how much grime can build up in these areas even with a daily quick clean!

4. Brush and Mop the Floors

Finally… Clean the bathroom floor. You’ll want to save this as your final bit of cleaning as all the dust hair and debris from cleaning the other surfaces in the bathroom have more than likely fallen onto the floor. Use a brush (preferably rubber) to sweet all the loose debris then mop the floors with hot soapy water. If you have purchased our magic mop this is ideal to use as it can collect any debris the brush hasn’t whilst mopping thanks to it’s microfibre mop pad.





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