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Soft Fill Window Brush, 6 1/2" (15cm) Complete with Shaft

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Overall a good quality Window Brush that can be used around the home for windows, conservatory's or washing vehicles of all sizes and shapes..
The brush itself has soft bristles so that it doesn't damage windows or scratch vehicles.
It comes with a varnished stock so that it doesn't rot and lasts longer.
Comes complet with a 4ft wooden screw threaded handle - SKU 101323.

Use lukewarm water only.
Unsuitable for use with boiling water.

Approximate Product Specifications:

Weight: 215g

Product Width: 6 1/4" / 19cm
Product Depth: 2 1/2" / 6cm
Product Height: 3 1/4" / 8.5cm

Bristle Length: 2" / 5cm

We recommend using HG Window Cleaner with this product for the best results. SKU: 100031

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