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10 Things to Clean This Summer!

by Linda Cleans 18 Aug 2023

Nothing beats the feelings of accomplishment when you knuckle down to do your ‘spring’ clean. The easiest way to tackle this list we’ve compiled can be done one of two ways. Firstly doing the typical room by room appliances by appliance. Or spreading the list over a few days or even weeks can make the thought a little less daunting. Whether you only have five minutes to freshen things up or you have an entire weekend set aside, these tips will really help you out.

1. Keep Crumbs Out of Hard to Reach Areas

If there is a gap between your oven and kitchen cabinets, you can bet there’s a good chance bits of food and debris have made their way into these tight spaces. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum cleaner to reach into the space or if your hoover can’t fit, why not try giving our radiator brush a go! It’s slim design makes it ideal for getting down hard to reach places!

2. Organise the Fridge

Large fridges are great for families and allowing more food, but they can become cluttered and messy fast. To keep your fridge organised (even if you only see it when you open the door) remove the packaging from multipacks of items like drinks and yoghurts etc and if you want to take it to the next level, buying containers to keep collections of items together would look even better. Not only will it look better but you could use them to also help reduce food waste and rotate older food items so that they’re at the front of the containers when adding your shopping.

3. Keep Storage Areas Organised

If you are lucky and have a garage or outdoor shed that you use as a storage space for things you simply can’t fit into the house, consider adding this to your spring cleaning list! (I know, sorry it means more cleaning…)

Firstly, start organising your items into three piles, keep, donate and get rid. After you’ve organised everything and know what you’re keeping, remove the get rid and donate piles and begin sorting the things you’ve decided to keep. Organise as much as you can into product types or categories and label the boxes you’re going to to stope them in. Try moving your boxes to shelves (if you have any) or to the very sides of the space to get maximum floor space, this will make it feel much less cluttered.

4. Clean Your Doormat

One trick to less dirt when walking into your home is actually having TWO doormats, one for outside, one for inside, this will trap dirt in twice as much (obviously). So, first things first we would recommend tapping the mats outside to release the easier dirt, then using a broom sweeping it on BOTH sides. Our rubber broom is perfect for this as it pulls and attracts the dirt from the fibres much more than giving it just a hoover. If you want to go the extra mile you can also hose the outdoor mat down and leave it outside to air dry to just make it that bit fresher.

 5. Spray Down and Wash the Inside of Your Windows

If you have little ones and pets you know that they aren’t the cleanest… whether it be sticky fingers on the windows or wet noses against your patio door, they’re going to leave their mark. And on sunny days you really can tell just how many smudges there are. SO, grab yourself your glass cleaner or make up your own solution of warm water, white vinegar and fairy liquid and start applying to your windows with a microfibre cloth. If those smudges are tough try using an abrasive sponge like our easy grip sponge cleaner to remove the marks. Once you’ve got the window all soaped up simply use a squeegee to remove and you’ll have your smudge free window! Obviously goes without saying but lay a towel under the window when doing this otherwise you will get whatever is underneath quite wet!

6. Wipe Down Your Walls

Rid painted walls of greasy smudges, pet marks and fingerprints by wiping them down with a damp microfibre cloth. Be sure to start from the top and make your way to the bottom (otherwise you’ll just have to clean the bottom all over again!) Also, just think if you wipe down the door frames and skirtings at the same time you’re doing two jobs at once… One hack we suggest is using a static mop with a microfibre mop head. Simply spray some solution onto your mop (if you’re cleaning that in depth) and start wiping away at your walls. 

Tile walls are slightly different, they can be cleaned the same way but there is a simpler solution, using something like our spray mop or tile cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool! With not having to reach or bend you can have the bathroom and all your tiles cleaned in no time.

7. Freshen Up Your Kitchen Sink

Does your kitchen sink stink? (See what I did there..) Well you might already have the necessary ingredients to make your kitchen sink smell gorgeous! Try dropping some fresh lemon juice down the sink and leaving it for 10 minutes. Once time is up follow with a kettle of boiling water to get rid of any debris that may still be clinging onto the pipes. Another alternative to the lemon is also a dishwasher tablet! These work a treat too.

If all else fails consider throwing baking soda down your sink with a cup of white vinegar, this may make your sink smell like a chippy for a little while, but it will break down any food particles remaining and causing the stink. Then do the lemon trick!

8. Brighten Up Your Grout!

White grout picks up pretty much everything and can be a unsightly thing in your bathroom when not cleaned regularly. The thing is it’s so easy to clean! Simply get a mould spray or make up a non chemical cleaner using either lemon or vinegar with bicarb. Leave it sitting for several minutes to really get into the grime and then using a stiff scrubbing brush like our 3 in 1 grout cleaner, scrub at the grout until the stains/mould/grime is removed.

9. Clean your Children’s Toys

When it comes to cleaning kid’s toys, don’t over look the easiest options like your dishwasher and washing machine. For plastic toys, just bung them in your dishwasher and put on the quickest cycle with least heat, this will wash away any lingering germs on your toys. For things like stuffed animals, firstly check the care labels and if they’re machine washable, place in a mesh bag or pillowcase before throwing them into the machine on a gentle cycle and let dry. If you’re wanting a quicker solution for your cuddly toys a quick once over with a lint roller can also be a really handy tool too.

10. Scrub at Those Smelly Bins!

Rubbish bags break, rips or simply get overfilled, we’ve all been guilty of at least doing the latter. But the only way to keep those horrific doors out of your home is by washing your rubbish bin. To wash the inside of your bin (possibly whilst having a peg over your nose) take it out Side and hose it down. Once hosed, grab your favourite smelling dish soap or dishwasher tablet and scrub the inside with a scrubbing brush or sponge. If you don’t want to get up close and personal, our bathroom cleaning set gives you all the tools you need to scrub the bin without being near. Just make sure it’s on it side or it will tip over. Rinse it well and either allow it to air dry or dry it down with a microfibre cloth before retuning it to the kitchen. We recommend regularly using anti bacterial wipes or spray to keep the outside free of food and spillages. Another quick hack, when you put a new rubbish bag in the bin put at the bottom a cotton ball soaked in essential oils to help keep those doors at bay.


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