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How To Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

by Linda Cleans 03 Aug 2023


Accidental spills, food splatters and greasy marks are bound to happen, it’s just the order of things when it comes to a kitchen and especially if you cook every day. Yet, most people don’t clean their cabinets regularly (including myself!). No matter if your kitchen cabinet are wood, laminate glass or painted, they lose their visual appeal when they’re covered in food stains and grime. Not only with the aesthetic of your kitchen suffer, but dirty kitchen cabinets can also lead to harbouring bacteria and other viruses that can cause harmful side effects.

To help clean and keep your kitchen fresh we’ve come up with a few easy instructions, whether you’re looking for a good deep clean or a quick refresh.

How to regularly clean cabinets

Whether your cabinets are finished wood, painted wood, laminate or glass, keep in mind these simply instructions to keep your kitchen cabinets looking their best!

  • Apply a safe all purpose cleaner to your cabinet doors or mix your own solution of dish water, warm soap and lemon or vinegar and dip your microfibre cloth, or our microfibre scrubbing pad into it. Ensure your cloth is damp rather than too wet.
  • If there isn’t any grime that is too stuck on, wipe both sides of the cabinet doors thoroughly, pay special attention to the handles as this is most likely where the greasy fingerprints and marks will be.
  • For more stuck-on grime (probably the cabinets closest to your oven), we recommend using our microfibre scrubbing pad (linked below). Simply apply to your solution and delicately scrub at the harder bits of grime with the scourer side. Be sure to be gentle! Once the grime has become unstuck, turn the scrubbing pad over to the microfibre side and simply wipe the cupboard clean.
  • Use a separate damp cloth using fresh water to then rinse the doors until there is no soap or cleaning solution left.
  • Lastly, buffer your cabinets dry with a dry microfibre cloth to really make sure you get that shine!

How to deep clean cabinets

For a quick clean up you should just regularly wipe your cabinets doors and handles, but there’s another part to your cabinets… inside! Don’t neglect this area for too long as they can accumulate crumbs, grime and stains. It’s best just to give them a clear out ever few months with a deep clean.

  • Like they always say with house work, work from the bottom down. So… Starting from the rubber cabinets and working your way down, begin emptying each cabinet and drawer. Here’s a tip, it’s easier to go one by one or emptying just a few cabinets at a time rather than having the mayhem of emptying everything at once and having no worktop space.
  • Using, again, our microfibre scrubbing pad and cleaning solution of your choice, wipe down the inside of the cabinet, including any shelving on top and underneath as well as the back of the cabinet doors.
  • Also! Don’t forget to clean any hardware, grooves or trims where more dust and grease can build up than the average. Of your cloth can’t reach the smaller nooks and crannies trying using a small brush like the smaller one from our 3 in 1 grout brush (linked below) and dip again into the solution and gently scrub at the area.
  • And just like the daily cleaning above, buff dry!

Lastly, how often do you need to clean your kitchen cabinets?

Daily - If you splatter or spill food as your cooking or the teabag is just dripping everywhere.. wipe up the mess with a damp cloth as soon as your able. It’s always a good rule of thumb to clean whilst your cooking as it’ll make the need for deeper cleaning less frequent.

Monthly - For a quick clean up, you can wipe the outside of your cabinets once per week using the solutions mentioned, and vice versa for the insides if your wanting to keep on top of it.

Once or Twice a Year - Every once in a while, your kitchen cabinets will benefit from that deeper clean and will make them look visually pleasing for longer. This means taking everything our and cleaning both the insides and the outsides.


Microfibre Cloths:

Magic Scrubbing Pad:

3 in 1 Grout Brush:

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