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8 Little tips to help you keep on top of your house!

by Linda Cleans 06 Dec 2022

Does it seem that you just cleaned your home and it seems dirty and unorganised again? Do you feel like things just don’t look right all the time, no matter how often you clean or you constantly have a list of things to do? 

In this post we are just going to take you through some very easy tips that will help give the illusion of a cleaner house until your next deep clean. 

1. Make Your Bed…

It may seem like a task that won’t make a difference but making your bed not only improves to look of your home it can actually improve your mental health, studies have shown that people who make their beds actually feel more satisfied with their home lives. On top of that, because your bed is the main feature in any bedroom, having it made instantly makes the room look more put together and wholesome, and lets face it, we all want to come home and climb into a nicely made bed rather than crumpled sheets everywhere!

2. Pick Things Up…

I’m sure every one of us has been guilty of leaving a glass out overnight or a coffee cup on the table when we go to work, but even after a day of two these start to accumulate and make the house look cluttered and messy, and also can be quite unhygienic if left out to get mouldy. Before leaving a room, just quickly clear these items and place in your dishwasher or kitchen sink. That way the mess is focused only to one area and the rest of your house is left uncluttered and tidy.

3. Clean As You Go...

Do you love to cook, but have a habit of leaving a mess as you go with pile high pans and stains on your worktops? An easy solution to this problem is just to quickly wipe down as you go and if you’re waiting for something to cook, quickly wash a few pans or plates up, that way the pile isn’t so daunting later on…

4. Clean A Little Every Day...

In our most used rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, it would be a good idea just to quickly wipe down sinks and worktops if you have a spare 10 minutes just to keep up with the cleanliness of your home, sweep or hoover one room a day can also help not making the chore of the whole house so horrible as well. Make sure as well to load your dishwasher daily to help keep the cycle of clean cups and dishes and avoid having them sit in your sink.

5. Use Essential Oils...

This is a hack we have learnt from Instagram! Our homes can take on so many scents, some good like foods we enjoy and cook but others aren’t so appealing… For example our bathrooms can get some not so fresh smells.. but using a diffuser in these rooms can help, or even just a few drops in your toilet roll or bin can make all the difference!

6. Put Things Away...

Did you try on multiple outfits for the day and couldn’t decide which to wear? Did you put all the other choices away? No? Make sure to put all the other 100s of pieces of clothing you tried on back into your wardrobes and drawers before leaving for the day. It will make it a much nicer experience for you as well when you return home and it doesn’t look like an explosion of clothes has been detonated…

7. Clean Your Sink At Night...

How many days of the week do you go to bed and leave your kitchen sink a mess? Don’t you fancy that extra 10 minutes in bed when it’s winter? By loading the dishwasher/cleaning your dishes and wiping down the sink you are making your morning routine that little bit easier and more pleasant, it will also help making breakfast easier too with all those lovely clean dishes available to use!

8. Set Time For Your Laundry...

Do you seem to have an endless pit of laundry that never seems to go down? Why not take the stress out if a little and make yourself a Landry schedule for the week? Mondays: Darks, Tuesday: Bedding, Wednesdays: Towels. Also, instead of leaving the laundry in a basket or on a chair for the next few days fold and put straight away, that way your house again doesn’t seem so cluttered.

Follow these tips and do them routinely and you will see a difference in how much easier it is to clean your home and how to help it look it’s best at all times.

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