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Our Cleaning Must Haves for Any Home…

by Linda Cleans 02 Dec 2022

Something that can be too much of a chore is cleaning, especially when you have a full time job, children, pets… and generally just have a life. But even though we try to keep on top of it the best we can we’re forever seeing those perfect instagram homes and it’s something that seems to be something people are starting to stress over more and more, whether it be the people looking at the photos, or the people creating the content themselves. Why doesn’t our home ever look like that? How do they manage this? Why can’t I just keep my house clean? Why is it so hard to keep on top of? No matter how good the photo or reel looks, it’s never a true representation, whether it’s the over loaded laundry basket behind the door or the fact you’ve literally just swept up and you’re STILL finding dog hair everywhere. So just to try and make your lives a little bit easier we come up with a list of our favourite products that can help just cut down that cleaning time a fraction and help elevate that stress just a little…. So we’d like to think.

1. Multi Purpose Rubber Broom

My floors at home are mainly LVT throughout which means a lot of sweeping has to take place to clean up hairs, dirt, food… pretty much anything. We also seem to have a dog that malts more than any dog on the planet and a bricklayer permanently producing dust. That means our floors are hard to keep next-level clean and this is why this rubber broom is perfect for the task. Why it varies from a regular brooms are for a few reasons. Firstly, the bristles are made out of rubber so this attracts the dirt and hair much easier than your normal bristles, and also keeps them locked so you are not sweeping them back out. Second, it has a built in squeegee so can also clean up spillages easily. And third, because it’s made of rubber it’s more robust, sink washable and doesn’t wear easily. Clearly we could rave about this item for forever.


2. 4 in 1 Grout Brush

Like a lot of the products you’ll find in this blog this tool has multiple uses and barely takes up any space in your cupboard. One of the main things I love about this though is it’s spray bottle. I forever spray surfaces and leave the solution down only to have to find it later, and like a typical scatter brain, I never remember where - but with this you are permanently carrying that bottle with you! It can hold any solution and clean just about anything. Like the Tile Cleaner, this comes with multiple heads to suit what you need. I am constantly flitting between the heads and finding places to clean, the latest being my patio and shower doors, followed by the squeegee it’s the perfect partnership! You get the sponge head, grout brush head and microfibre cloth head and of course the spray bottle, it’s an ideal tool to use from start to finish, I don’t think my glass doors have ever looked so shiny.


3. Magic Mop

Oh the magic mop…Like I said before our floors at home are mostly LVT throughout which means a lot less hassle when it comes to things like spillages and mess, but still it’s an annoying task, and thanks to the darling husband and dog, there’s always something to mop, whether it’s water or a cup of tea. Thankfully with this mop though the chore doesn’t seem so grave! With its two compartments, one for soaking your mop head and the other for draining the excess water it’s the perfect tool to get your floors shining without having to completely soak your floor, and with is microfibre mop head it helps buffer your floor as you wash. AND on top of that, it’s compact size and 4 piece handle it’s great for fitting into the smaller places in your cupboards.


4. Easy Grip Sponge Cleaner

What a handy little tool this has turned out to be, I wouldn’t be without it. If you are constantly trying to clean areas with tough stains but the idea of using an overly abrasive tool sends shivers down your spine then this is the one for you! Unlike a lot of abrasive products I found that this one is just tough enough to remove the annoying stains without the risk of it ruining or scratching my surfaces. I’ve used it everywhere… The shower door, my worktops, my oven, my stainless steel hob and sink, and it’s never led me astray. If you’re like me as well and the idea of getting the chemicals on your hand is no go, this tool’s detachable handle is perfect - it’s detachable but strong enough to keep the sponges in place when scrubbing. Another lovely little bonus with this tool is you also get 3 attachable heads with it (and lets face it we need them, how many of us clean the kitchen multiple times a day?) 2 are the regular oval shape and 1 is corner shaped so you can reallllyyyy scrub into all those pesky corners. A must have seriously!


5. Squeegee

Every house with pets needs a squeegee. If your pet is like mine, they seem to always have there nose pressed up against the patio door trying to see what’s out in the garden, even though there’s never anything there! So squeegees can save the day when it comes to those pesky markings. They aren’t expensive and it can make cleaning things like the shower walls, WINDOWS, glass doors, so easy. If you’re like me, window streaks and smears from a cloth can drive you round the bend. With this squeegee, you’re able to get a brilliant clean on glass surfaces, and it really does make a difference to the over all sense of cleanliness in your home, particularly in your bathrooms.


6. Telescopic Tile Cleaner

This is one of the latest tools I’ve added to my collection. Tested out by Mrs. Hinch herself, these cleaners quickly flew off the shelves and are now FINALLY back in stock. It’s the perfect tool if you suffer with backache or just general hate having to lean over to clean things like the bath. With the telescopic handle it can get to hard to reach places at ease, and diminishes the risk of me breaking my neck falling off the edge of the bath to clean the top tiles! What else I love about this is that it comes with three different heads which makes it great for every room! It cleans tiles, doors, skirting boards, anything you want it to to be quite honest. I pretty much just use it all over my house these days, the only thing I wish it did was fabric and carpets but that’s what hoovers are for. 

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