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Easy steps to a clean hob!

by Linda Cleans 11 Oct 2022

A clean hob can change the entire appearance of your kitchen. Rather than it looking dull or dirty, simply cleaning the hob can make the kitchen appear fresher and more inviting. Unfortunately, hobs are probably this easiest thing to get dirty along side your sink, but everyone needs to cook and most of us don’t have the time to clean the hob after each use. Food can become dried on, which makes it a nightmare to remove as well leaving pesky stains, so it’s always best to try and clean up spillages quickly if you don’t want to spend a whole day scrubbing at old food.


If you can’t do this straight away though here are some tips on how to effectively clean all your various hobs, from stainless steel, to ceramic…


You will need:


  • Gloves

  • Microfibre cloth

  • A robust sponge

  • Your trusty Cleaning Solution


How to clean a ceramic hob:

Ceramic hobs look beautiful and are an excellent contemporary addition to any kitchen. The same goes for glass hobs. The problem with ceramic and glass hobs is that they scratch very easily, so general wear and tear is visible sooner than other hobs, purely from the friction of the pans placed on it. However, to get dried food off the hob, scraping it is still the best method. Now.. There are plenty of homeowners out there that swear by tile scraping tools, but unless you’re prepared to take a the ceramic up with the dried food, we don’t recommend this. Here’s how to clean a ceramic hob or glass hob -


  1. Remove all loose food

This ones simple, remove all loose food from the hob using either a wipe or brush.


  1. Apply your cleaning solution

If the surface of your hob is very dirty, apply a cleaning liquid or cream that is suitable for use on ceramic and induction hobs and wait for it to absorb into the spillages for optimal removal.


  1. Use a microfibre cloth to clean the hob

Use a microfibre to clean the majority of the ceramic hob. If there are areas that need a bit more elbow grease, try using a sponge. It’s a rougher texture, yet should still be soft enough to not cause scratches and damage.


How to clean an electric hob:


  1. Remove hot plates if possible

Again start off simple, if you can, remove any hot plates from the hob to make cleaning easier.


  1. Apply your chosen cleaning product directly to the hob, allow to soak

Use a specially designed commercial cleaning product of your choosing. Apply as directed and allow to soak in before resuming cleaning.


  1. Use a robust sponge to scrub hard to remove stains

Don’t be afraid of using something a bit more robust to remove the stubborn stains, we recommend our Easy grip sponge cleaner! With its’ scouring pad it easily removes stains and won’t scratch your hob.


  1. Rinse hot plates

Always rinse the hot plate thoroughly to get any food, grease or dirt off.


You can find our microfibre cloth and easy grip sponge here on our website!

Microfibre cloth pack: 

Easy Grip Sponge Cleaner: 








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