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Dos and don'ts for cleaning your worktops

by Linda Cleans 18 Oct 2022

As one of the most important and probably used rooms in our homes, our kitchen takes on a lot of the everyday mess and clutter we create. This spans from spillages whilst cooking to the dirty pile of dishes no one wants to clean.. With all this, the chances are that your kitchen can often feel like a never ending battle to clean was no signs of stopping! Lets face it, walking into a dirty kitchen waiting to be cleaned can feel like a full time job in itself.

As the place where we prepare our meals, it’s important to keep our kitchens safe and sanitised, but sometimes the task of keeping on top of tough stained hobs, food splattered cabinets and mucky sinks can feel all a bit too much at once.

But there are ways to speed up the whole cleaning process as well as making some of through tougher jobs just that bit easier for you. So… We’ve come up with a list of the best kitchen cleaning hacks that will help make your fear of cleaning the kitchen a thing of the past!


How to clean different kitchen worktops tips

The best methods for cleaning your kitchen worktop will very much depend on the materials used. For example, marble will need a different approach to wood. However, here are some top tips for different types.


Cleaning your granite worktops

Dip a clean microfibre cloth into a mix of water and dish soap. Then gently wipe the entire surface. Beware all common household products you use for home cleanings such as lemon, vinegar, basically anything that is acidic! Even though granite is more robust than your marble worktops the acid will slowly but surely dissolve the coating and eventually reach the sealed layer and we don’t want that!

When it comes to stain removal granite is quite easy to take care of. More often than not, a general daily clean will be enough to keep the worktops shiny and stain free. In the odd occasion you do come across a stain, we would recommend making a paste out of baking soda and water and apply to the stain, leave for up to 12 hours (note it doesn’t always have the be this long!) and then wash the area with a mixture of water and dish soap again. This should be enough to remove the stain as you want to avoid anything too abrasive on the surface. If this doesn’t succeed use a granite approved degreaser to effectively remove any dirt or stains.


Cleaning your wooden worktops

A wooden worktop is a big favourite when it comes to kitchens, it can match almost any styling, from country to contemporary. If sealed properly it could last for many many years.

Before you start cleaning, as always gather any food or residue from the worktops to reduce the chance of discolouring or staining. As a general rule wooden worktops required regular care to maintain its appearance for longer, we find it best to just use a microfibre cloth with some warm water and soap best whilst using mild detergent on tougher areas. Try avoiding things such as bleach and scouring pads when cleaning as this can cause damage to the surface and in the future discolouration and deterioration in appearance.

If you do find you have a tougher stain that needs a little bit of extra elbow grease, we recommend a home mixture of water, lemon and dish soap with a soft but firm sponge, for example our easy grip sponge cleaner - this is abrasive enough to remove stains without the risk of scratching your wooden surface!


Cleaning your marble worktops

As stated previously marble is a softer rock unlike granite and quartz and because of this it’s very susceptible to acidity, this could range from anything, soda, coffee, fruit juice or wine or just to name a few. So when you do happen to have a spillage clean immediately as this will lead to permanent staining on your worktop if left to soak.

Because marble is very porous, hence it easily soaking spillages and absorbing liquids, the more you leave the surface wet the more water it will absorb and lead to a dull appearance This is why we recommend a damp cloth with a natural cleaning product and dry off immediately once cleaned or the spills are removed.




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