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Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

by Linda Cleans 16 Mar 2023

Most of us don’t necessarily enjoy cleaning, and sometimes even actively avoid it, but everyone does love the feeling of coming home to a nice clean house. You may think to get your house up to spec may involve hours of dedicated deep cleaning, today’s families have found ways of adding little habits to their daily routines to make cleaning less of a chore. So what is the secret to keeping things clean? Consider adding these habits into your schedule and you’ll find you’re not worried about people dropping by without warning, you’ll welcome it and be so much prouder of your home.

Make the Bed

If there is one thing that you can control despite all the chaos that the day has to bring, it’s your bed. It only takes minutes, but it can make such a difference to your day, from setting your day up for success to having a warm welcoming bed to curl into on a night. Even if it’s a rush job of just fanning the duvet and smoothing it out, making the bed really helps start your day with a sense of productivity and order that’s likely to carry on into the rest of the things you do that day.

Tidy Up as You Go

Did you try on two or three outfits before picking what you were going to wear? Use a few pans for dinner or breakfast? Clean it up and put it all away before you move on. Don’t let it start to build as this will just make the chore more daunting in the end.

Wipe Down Surfaces

It doesn’t seem like much but a quick wipe down can honestly do wonders. If you clean the surfaces you’ve used after each task before walking away, you’ll keep your counters and glass surfaces clean and always ready to go. From wiping your glass shower door to running a cloth over your sink after washing the dishes, a short clean can prevent that horrible build up of grime and can make your home seem spotless.

Tackle Laundry Each Day

Avoid overflowing hampers by giving your washer a workout with a load of laundry each day. This helps contain the messiness of clothes everywhere and making your home feel less cluttered. It’s an unavoidable task as well (keeping yourself and your family closed is kind of a necessity…) so if you it on a consistent daily basis it won’t pile up and take over your weekends.

Clean Your Fridge Weekly

Seeing some scary gross goop or crust under your food in the corner of the fridge? Or down the grooves of your drawers and shelves? Then maybe it’s time to up the amount of times you clean your fridge out a month.. We recommend doing this weekly to make sure it stays at optimal hygiene. Not only will cleaning your fridge help keep things spick and span, but it will also help crate an accurate list of what actually need on your next food run…

Schedule Small Cleaning Bursts

If you’re a bit like me and really just don’t like cleaning, an idea is to turn your cleaning routine into short 5-10 minutes cleaning breaks throughout your day to take care of the little quick tasks like laundry, hoovering etc. Breaking your cleaning tasks this way makes these daunting tasks more manageable and make you feel more productive throughout the day.



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