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All about our Magic Mop!

by Linda Cleans 09 Mar 2023

So as you may or may not know, recently we began selling, posting and doing on lives on Tiktok! We started off just happy to be a part of the social media trend, but we never expected for our products to become a trend of their own!

TikTok has been the trendsetter for many popular products such as the weighted hula hoop or viral dresses and the Magic Mop is no exception. It's been making waves on social media, with people following its every move. But what makes our mop so magical? Let's take a look at this Magic Mop review and find out!

So to start with, the most popular aspect of our magic mop is of course it’s wringing compartment. What people have been getting excited about. It’s so simple yet makes such a massive difference to cleaning your floors. Simply, you have your wash side of the mop bucket where you put your clean water, and the other side your ‘dry’ compartment where you wring all the the water out so your mop head is not soaking when mopping the floor. It also traps all the dirty water as well, keeping it well enough away from the clean water in your other compartment.

I’ve honestly found this brilliant to use, especially because it has a flat microfibre mop head. I have a Labrador who is forever malting, and no matter how often I sweep, I always find dog hair on the floor. Thankfully this mop attracts all those run away hairs though whilst I’m mopping, so essentially sweeping as well as mopping! I also love the fact that the actual mop head itself is flat too, it’s so much easier for getting under my sofa and cabinets without having to pull them out to get underneath. So it saves on time too for you!

Not only is it fantastic for your floors, it does an amazing job on your bathroom tiles and walls too! If I want to give my tiles a quick wash down I just use this mop, it still has the same great effect as if you were cleaning them down with a sponge AND, no reaching to get to those higher ones. Obviously for the walls I don’t wet my microfibre head, I simply use it as a duster, and once again, it really does work! It picks cobwebs and dust right into the corners of the the ceilings and again, without having to extend too much to reach it..

I could forever go on about why I love this mop, but don’t just take my word for it! Here are some of the amazing reviews It’s got from TrustPilot and Tiktok. 

Judi C.

“So neat and tidy just tucks in a small corner. Lightweight. Easy to use. Arrived quickly , well packed and so glad to see from a BRITISH company. Yaaaaay. Highly recommended.”


“Brilliant product. Lightweight and compact making it easy to store. Love the fact that the dirty water is separate from the clean and the washable pads give the flooring such a good clean. You get a spare too! Would highly recommend to anyone!”


 “Its small lightweight, uses less water, detergent etc. So great for cleaning, swivel head makes it really easy. Very economical, this is the best mop I have ever owned and great value for money.!”


“Saw this advertised on social media and popped onto The Dustpan and Brush Store to see if it was here. ordered and OMG what a fantastic item. Lightweight, no big bucket to carry and less water as the dirty water is contained in another compartment. Would recommend to anyone.”


 “This is an excellent piece of cleaning equipment, and a very convenient size. It assembles easily and takes up not a lot of space, ideal where storage is a problem. This is very easy to use and performs well.”



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